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Habitat for Humanity Pickens County, GA is seeking a Volunteer
to serve as Chairman of the Board for the local affiliate.

Habitat’s mission is to mobilize volunteers from our community to form
a cohesive coalition to fund and build simple decent affordable housing
in partnership with God’s love.

Utilizing your business skills, you will be asked to act as a social media
advisor, grant writer, or resource development liaison, as well as other
administrative roles. Your management skills will flourish as you oversee committee’s such as volunteerrelations, homebuyer selection and
homeowner support, fundraising and as point person for the affiliate
in Pickens County.

As you can see, it takes a variety of backgrounds working together to
create transformational change in neighborhoods. Strengthening communities is a challenging, but rewarding task. The work you do could
make a difference for families in your hometown.

Interested, contact Habitat for Humanity Pickens County
at 706-253-2393 or E-mail us at