Being a part of the Habitat team can be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do.   Our organization is successful because of our dedicated volunteers.  There’s something for everyone.

Administration & Finance  Chair: Donna Torres

The administrative services, facilities, policies and procedures for accounting and finance, budgeting  and cost control.

Construction  Chair: Ray Champitto

To coordinate labor, plans, materials and family interests to build the finished home.

Church Relations  Chair: Gerry Gleason

To cultivate relationships seek partner churches, and maintain ties to currently involved churches.

Homeowner Selection  Chair: Susan Spehar

To organize the application process, interview and identify families  who become Habitat ‘partner families’.

Homeowner Support  Chair: Monique Vinnelli

To work with  partner families through sweat equity, home ownership education, the home purchase process and continued partnership with the organization.

Fundraising  Chair: Debra Cook

To raise sufficient money to fund the for decent housing that can be built with partner families.

Public Relations  Chair: Colleen Adams

To  improve the community awareness of our work, recognize our participants and encourage new donations of time, talent and materials .

Site Selection  Chair: Lamar Cantrell

To identify, evaluate and secure future buildings sites.

Volunteer Relations  Chair: Monique Vinnelli

To recruit, train , retain and coordinate volunteers.

Home Repair Ministry  Coordinator: Gerry Gleason

Coordination with surrounding churches.