What’s going on at New Hope Acres?

NHA-11-01-14What’s happening?

The road is finished, the water lines are installed and tested, electric is available, phone and TV lines are in place…THEN WHY ARE WE NOT BREAKING GROUND?

Who would have thought that a little thing like forming a homeowners association and implementing some simple rules would be so complicated.  Notwithstanding the state laws, the local laws, getting two attorneys to talk to each other its a piece of cake.

As it stands today the board of directors has agreed on a set to CCR’s (conditions, covenants and restrictions) that will apply to the homeowners of New Hope Acres.  Our attorneys is finalizing the needed documents into legalize and we have applied to the state as a non-profit for the homeowners association.

Shortly, we will be meeting with the Master Gardeners group to put our permanent sign in place and landscape the entrance.  We will meet with the family to determine the layout of the interior of the house and with the draftsman to formulate structural plans.

After the homeowners association has come to fruition we can get the final sign-offs on the Final Plat, pull permits and break ground.  Now the question is when?  I’m not sure, but am hoping that by the middle of March and at the latest the end of March.

Thanks everyone for staying touch with the web page for updates I will try to be more diligent on future information.

Steve Greenwell, President

Habitat for Humanity – Pickens County