Are We Ready to Build?

NHA-11-01-14Are we ready to build yet?

It seems like almost every day I am asked “are we ready to build yet?” and my reply is that yes we, as a group, are ready, but all the formalities are not complete.


I visited the property today (10/31) and found that the road bed had been laid, rolled and compacted – paving can’t be far behind.  In fact several pieces of equipments were already in place.


I conversation with the surveyor the final plat is being drawn and should be ready by the end of next week (November 7th).  Leaving the Board to finalize the Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions (CCR’s) at the board meeting November 18th.  With all of the above in place the construction committee can meet, select a lot, decide on a floor plan and start excavation.


The city has started to lay the 6” water line along Lance Road starting at Hobson Road.  At New Hope Acres itself  Amicalola EMC has power to one pole on the development.  Also,

ETC has there cable in place as well.  While the city does not have the water line to the property home supply lines are stubbed to each lot and a fire hydrant is in place.


So it looks like we will be starting in the coldness of winter so lets all pray for a mild season.


Looking forward to seeing all of our volunteers back on the job site soon and doing what we do best, build clean, safe affordable housing for a deserving family.


Steve Greenwell, President

Habitat for Humanity – Pickens County