What’s NEW is “New Hope Acres”

Nothing is more exciting than constructing items that will be purposefully used for long time.  Habitat for Humanity fulfills my prospects for construction even though I am not longer able to be as useful as I was years ago.

NHA-road-shadowNew Hope Acres is a huge step for this Habitat affiliate.  Since its inception the affiliate has survived on single lot purchased or donated properties.  Now through the generosity of an estate donation we own 10 acres on which we will be able to build seven new homes for the needy of Pickens County.  Seven families will be lifted from cramped living conditions. For many, their housing has consisted of unfit buildings with leaking roofs, no  and sometimes dangerous heat, no air conditioning, rodent infestations and the like.

Seven families, with the assistance of the entire Habitat family, will receive training in sweat equity, home ownership education and the home purchase process.  They will be required to adjust to new responsibilities and continue their partnership with the organization.

Seven families will have a vastly improved life.  Their children will sleep under leak-proof roofs, free from any type of infestation.  Their environment will be controlled by heating and air conditioning.  They will learn to mow their lawn, follow community rules and become sustainable members of Pickens County.

New Hope acres is presenting Habitat with challenges and experiences we have never faced before and I am happy to say that with the cooperation and backing of all our volunteers, committee members, board of directors and most importantly the financial support of private donors, businesses, churches and social groups we will continue our mission for the foreseeable future.

-Steve Greenwell,  President HFH-PC


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